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bringing loyalty marketing back from the dead

Here’s the gist: T-Mobile has an appreciation program called T-Mobile Tuesdays, where every customer gets free stuff, every Tuesday. It’s known as “getting thanked.”

The challenge: You’d think if you were getting free Lyft rides or pizza every week, you’d remember to check the app. But we’ve all got other things on our mind.

So, we created a huge event on Twitter to surprise and delight (but also, spark re-engagement). Customers tweeted in their Halloween spirit to power up the ultimate T-Mobile Tuesdays monster of ceremonies, Thankenstein. Then, once he was up and running, he dished out thankings like never before.


Almost a dozen vignettes were animated for Twitter, leading up to the grand prize giveaway: a trip to London’s spookiest haunts. We also created a LIVE version of Thankenstein to tease all the prizes on Snapchat and Instagram.