T-Mobile Tuesdays

It's a customer appreciation program that rewards customers each week with free stuff. We're talking...pizza. Movie tickets. Lyft rides. The kind of stuff you'd actually want. My strategic input drove new active participation and re-engagement through standard channels (email and in-app), but extended and challenged the program's reach through social media experiences.

Going big on the spookiest Tuesday of the year

Customer rewards programs are usually super lame—like, a punch card? Really? 

T-Mobile Tuesdays blows everybody else out of the water with a commitment to keep customers feeling appreciated. Who better to show gratitude...than a monster named Thankenstein? We developed his character as our Monster of Ceremonies on Twitter. Customers tweeted in with their Halloween spirit to power him to life, and he woke up feeling more thankful for T-Mobile customers than ever before, ready to dish out awesome prizes and giveaways to his deserving fans.

Almost a dozen videos were created and released on social leading up to the grand prize giveaway: A trip to London's scariest haunts.


Before there was #Thankenstein, there was #Thankiversary—the one year anniversary of T-Mobile Tuesdays. We leveraged the opportunity to talk about all the sweet stuff our customers had redeemed in the past year to build excitement for a huge contest on the big day.

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